intelligenter Inaktivitätsmelder als Alternative zum Notrufknopf
intelligenter Inaktivitätsmelder als Alternative zum Notrufknopf
intelligenter Inaktivitätsmelder als Alternative zum Notrufknopf

Smart home emergency call
for independent people

ellio detects sudden inactivity in the home

Without having to wear anything on your body, the smart ellio inactivity detector works like a personal alarm. It automatically alerts the family to emergency calls and lack of normal activity.

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move iconNot wearing anything on the body

The ellio house call serves as an alternative to the emergency call bracelet, offering the advantage of not requiring any physical attachment to the body. It operates by automatically detecting movement or lack thereof.

Familie iconFamily will be informed

With our ellio personal alarm, family members and trusted contacts added in the app will be notified directly in case of inactivity or when an alarm is triggered. Unlike traditional emergency call systems, we prioritize a family-oriented approach. Our intelligent system is designed to help families to take care of each other and provide support during emergencies.

lock iconOnly one device per flat

The family house call consists of just one device per flat. Simply plug it into a free socket in the hallway outside the bathroom or kitchen, for example, and the installation is done. If you live in a detached house, it may make sense to install one ellio per floor to detect activity on the bedroom floor at night.

The ellio family app

Stay informed and worry-free with our intuitive and well-designed free personal alarm app

Overview family members ellio app
easy to use menu

The family can help directly

The ellio home emergency call system recognises when there is no normal activity in the home within a set period of time. In this case, it sends a push notification and an email to relatives. In this way, ellio ensures fast and safe assistance.



smartphone iconNotification to all members

In the app, you have the option of adding as many family members or caregivers as you like. Added family members and acquaintances immediately receive a notification on their mobile phone or an email when an emergency call is triggered or sent.

auge iconIndividually adjustable night and rest times

The family home call is customised for the resident in the app. The times for a night's sleep or afternoon nap can be easily set in the app.

beacon iconDetection of presence and absence

The home emergency call is switched off when the resident is absent. A key fob automatically recognises whether someone is at home.
Senior citizens do not need their own smartphone in the home. It is sufficient to set up the family home emergency call in the home.
NEW: If necessary, emergency calls can now also be sent to the family via the app while travelling or from the garden.

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ellio replaces the emergency call bracelet

Security and independence for:

  • People who live alone
  • Couples who want to protect each other
  • People with health restrictions or dementia
  • Family members who want to support their loved ones

Without installation,
subscription or follow-up costs

ellio WiFi for rent

Inactivity detector & personal alarm for apartments with WiFi.

19,90 € / month

incl. VAT, incl. shipping

House call for WiFi

Mobile telecom. option for apartments without WiFi. The data volume is included.

399,00 €  249,00 €

incl. VAT, incl. shipping

The family app

Family notification app and portable emergency call for elders.


incl. VAT, incl. shipping

Innovation Made in Germany

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A well thought-out solution:

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app iconAdditional call buttons possible

Call buttons can be distributed throughout the home. This means that a call for help can also be triggered manually if the resident is unwell or in a difficult situation.

thief iconNo telephone connection required

The personal alarm connects to the Internet via WLAN or mobile phone. A landline connection is not required. If there is no Wi-Fi in the home, the personal alarm can be used with a mobile phone. No additional mobile phone contract is required. A SIM card with data is pre-installed and is sufficient for about 5 years of operation.

thief iconApp also for mobile help calls

If required, senior citizens can now also create their own profile in the family app and send emergency calls to the family via the app while travelling or from the garden.